No Dice Required COMING SOON

A language learning tool that makes it fun and easy to study your vocabulary words by playing games!

Have you started learning a language several times? Do you consistently stop studying because you get bored with the methods and tools? Are you very good at saying hello and introducing yourself, but can't carry on a basic conversation?

If so, then what you need are tools that are more fun. You need games. Language learning games. Games that are fun. And that's what No Dice Required is aiming to deliver.

We're asking for participants to join in the free, closed beta. The closed beta will feature English and Japanese vocabulary, and several not-terrible games to practice the vocab. We'll also have situational exercises for you to practice conversations with other students. The beta is free and there's no obligation to purchase anything AND you can sign up right here!

The beta is invite-only and it will include English and Japanese vocabulary, with an initial focus on JLPT 5 words. Invitations will be sent out in the order of sign up and the number of invitations is limited, so reserve your spot now!

Online Games

Feel like studying on your own? Play our online games and take quizzes and tests to measure your progress.

Talk Online

No Dice Required will give you tools to practice a language in different situations, live with other students.

Fun Vocab

Do you have an awesome game for your DS but the vocab is too difficult? Avoid frustration by studying the game's vocabulary so you can warm up your language skills before tackling harder games.

These coins are for you (with love)